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The Evolution of the GE Suite

The Genius Education Suite evolved from years of working with clients and evaluating technology trends. When building out the GE Suite, we used the feedback from our clients combined with our knowledge of the industry to provide our users with a solution that takes the best of 360掳 while providing improvements and enhancements across all areas.
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Grandparent Updates

Grandparents are special people in the lives of your students and their information often needs to be accessed by school personnel. It’s important you keep up-to-date with your grandparents’ personal and contact information. Our new Grandparent area provides parents with an easy way to view and update the data in real time to ensure you always have the latest information.
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Teacher Directory

Put a face to a name with our online Teacher Directory. This new GE component allows parents to view all of their children’s teachers’ profiles including school email address, encouraging teacher-parent interaction and fostering communication.
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Parent Homepage

Genius Education’s Parent Solution allows you to set a sleek, convenient and completely custom homepage for your parents. GE’s parent homepage includes many new features and that your parents are sure to enjoy.
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